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Bharat Scouts & GuidesActivities done for Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG) in Noida, ITO and Gatpuri (Ballabhgarh)
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JOTA Preparation - Gatpuri - Ballabhgarh


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BSG - Noida - New Ashok Nagar


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HAM RadioPictures related to HAM Radio.
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One World One Language


HAM Radio - Logo
One World One Language

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ATS - 20m SSB CW RigCircuit Diagram and Pictures of ATS 1 20m SSB & CW Transceiver KIT. Includes PCB Layout, Block Diagram and Sections to help you with construction.
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Kenwood Amateur Radio ProductsKenwood Corporation (株式会社ケンウッド, Kabushiki-Gaisha Ken'uddo?) (TYO: 6765) is a Japanese manufacturer of amateur radio as well as Hi-Fidelity and portable audio equipment.

Amateur radio transceivers
Kenwood has offered distinct lines of HF, VHF/UHF, and portable amateur radio models, not to mention some with built-in Digital data modes (APRS, built on AX.25 Packet) & the modems needed to send & receive these.

Among the product lines, the "TS" series of HF transceivers can be said to be among Kenwood's flagship products. These radios cover the HF ("high frequency") bands, from 1.8 to 30 MHz, and can easily let the user communicate around the world, via voice, CW (Morse), PSK31 or RTTY (digital modes of communication), with output power of around 50-100 Watts. These included:

TS-800 series—From the late 1970s, the TS-820 was one of the first Kenwood transceivers to gain widespread acceptance in the Amateur Radio community. The original model included a single VFO (variable frequency oscillator), although a second VFO could be purchased as a stand-alone option; a matching receiver, the R-820, was also available, which permitted split frequency operation. A digital display was another option, availablle to be retrofit to the original device. With the digital display installed, a TS-820 could be named a "TS-820S": all future Kenwood HF transceivers have used the "S" designation to signify presence of a digital display, though the feature has long since become standard equipment.

Kenwood TS-590STS-900 series—From the mid-1980s, the TS-930S and, to a greater extent, the TS-940S represented a step-up in features, size, and cost from the 800-series models. Introduced around 1986, the TS-940S was considered a classic of its time which was later succeeded by the TS-950. It was Kenwood's first model to permit the HF transceiver to be fully controlled by a personal computer (via RS-232 cable and an aftermarket interface, the IF-232). In later years, this became standard equipment on almost all serious HF radios, and some radios would drop the human interface features entirely, being controlled entirely by a remote computer. The TS-950SDX was the last of this fine series, and its receiver is still a strong performer even when compared with much newer and more expensive radios.
TS-400 series—with models including the TS-430S, TS-440S, TS-450 and TS-480, these units featured a smaller size, were operated on 12 Volts -- meaning batteries could be used—and were suitable for use as a portable base station, such as during Amateur Radio Field Day. The TS-430S was one of the first compact HF rigs offering "full coverage" receive, literally from 1-30Mhz. The TS-440S added direct keyboard entry and an internal auto antenna tuner option. All at a very attractive price point not seen with the main competitors of the time.
TS-600 series—These models were mainly identical to their 400 series counterparts but offered the 6 Meters band as an addition. For example the TS-450S and the TS-690S have the same exterior and mostly the same specifications on the 1.8-30 MHz HF bands, but adding the 6 Meters band.
Other series include the 100, 500, and the new 2000 series. The TS-2000 is Kenwood's current top of the line model. It includes all-mode operation on HF, 6 meters, 2 meters, 70 centimeters (420 - 450 MHz), and in the "X" model the 23 centimeters band (1.24 - 1.30 GHz). Kenwood also offers a "B" model which is a transceiver without display or controls and is completely controlled by a remote computer or a separate control unit. This allows using it as a mobile transceiver where the main unit is placed in the trunk or an area that provides enough room to house it, possibly closer to the antenna, and have a control unit in the front of the car. A setup like this allows the control unit to be placed closer to the driver and the transceiver closer to the antenna which shortens the cable, reducing possible interference.

Kenwood has not entered the "big box" high end HF radio market that has become the high ground in the amateur radio market. While the TS-2000 offers solid performance in a very compact package, it is missing key features found in the high end offerings from Icom and Yaesu.

Radios with built-in Digital data modes & modems (for APRS)
Kenwood TS-2000 also have built-in Digital data modes (APRS, built on AX.25 Packet), as do the mobile TM-D710A (which replaced the earlier TM-D700A) and handheld TH-D7 series. A UK White Paper shows a number of applications of the popular APRS (ie, Automatic Position Reporting System, a.k.a. Automatic Packet Reporting System).

Sohna Field TripThe Annual Affair to Remember - At Bhondsi (Yes, Former PM Late. Chandrashekhars place). The serenity of the place invites you to return here - and sure we did, almost after a year!!!
This Category is for all the pictures captured by the HAMS on field trip on Feb 1st 2009.
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